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Full Spectrum Price Alerts is an intuitive chart indicator that lets you transform existing chart lines into alert lines or order cancellation lines in seconds. When price touches your alert lines, an alert will immediately be sent to you via the communication method of your choosing. When price touches your order cancellation lines, all waiting orders will be cancelled.

  • Easy setup
  • Free 7 day trial
  • Cancel anytime
  • Takes only a few seconds to set alerts and/or cancels


Platform Features


Price Alerts Built for Speed and Ease of Use

  • It only takes a few seconds to set up new alerts
  • Edit existing alerts easily using click-and-drag
  • Receive calls, texts, emails, and more when price hits alert lines
  • Get notified exactly when price hits your levels


The Power of Automatic
Order Cancellations

  • It only takes a few seconds to set up new Cancel Lines
  • When price hits your cancel line, all current open entry orders are cancelled
  • ONLY cancels your open orders if you are flat, so your Stop and Target orders are always safe
  • ONLY cancels open orders for the account that is selected on that particular chart


All types of lines for Alerts and Order Cancellations

  • Horizontal Lines
  • Rays
  • Extended Lines
  • Line Segments


Enabled in seconds

  • Add any of the 4 line types
  • Add the alert tag or cancel tag (or both) to the line's Tag
  • The line instantly becomes an alert line, cancel line, or BOTH


Peace of mind

  • Set alert lines wherever you want to know about price hits
  • Set Order Cancellation Lines where you're not interested in a trade anymore
  • Live your life!
  • Repeat 🙂


Supported Trading Platforms

  • NinjaTrader 7 & 8
  • More platforms to come!


Easy, Secure and Intuitive

As a day trader you are presented with several hurdles to overcome. You may not always be able to be at your trading platform and fast markets need efficient and reliable tools.  This is where Full Spectrum Price Alerts comes in. We offer comprehensive price alert and order cancellation tools that allow you to step away from your charts, knowing you’ll be informed immediately when an event happens that you want to know about. Full Spectrum Price Alerts helps you live your life while still keeping an eye on the markets.

No matter your trading strategy, let Full Spectrum Price Alerts help you act on potential opportunities logically and efficiently. Experience the exclusive tools to help you take charge of your trading ideas – created by a trader, for traders.

Full Spectrum

Price Alerts

Receive alerts from our Alert Phone Numbers or Email Address telling you the Instrument Name and the Price that was hit.


Our Alert Phone Number can call you with an automated message

Text Messages

Receive SMS Text messages from our Alert Phone Number


Receive Emails from our Alert Email Address

VoiP Messaging

Current VoiP Platforms:
WhatsApp (coming soon)
* More to come!

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